12. ChangelogΒΆ

1.5.1 -> 1.6.0 Major enhancements and bugfixes (20 Jul 2015)
  *  [TSUN-225] - SSL Session Caching Issues
  *  [TSUN-292] - Indecipherable error with no arrivalphase elements
  *  [TSUN-294] - Logging(?) of unmatched dyn vars puts lot of pressure on controller
  *  [TSUN-295] - tsung status crashes test run
  *  [TSUN-296] - Reported response size in dumpfile seems to be way too low
  *  [TSUN-297] - Float values in thinktimes substitution
  *  [TSUN-305] - Can't connect with +TLS to ejabberd/XMPP
  *  [TSUN-308] - Handle ssl_closed in ts_client
  *  [TSUN-309] - RNG Seeding is too weak and causes collisions
  *  [TSUN-312] - Handle cast new beam failed
  *  [TSUN-316] - LDAP scenarios fail when compiled with R16A/B due to asn1rt_ber_bin
  *  [TSUN-320] - get_os_data(freemem, {unix, linux}) crashes on Linux 3.10.0
  *  [PR #91]   - [MQTT] Last Will and Testament should not be included if will_topic is not set.
  *  [PR #104]  - Fix problem with MQTT SUBACK packages
  *  [PR #107]  - Fix crash when use_controller_vm="false" and controller id is not empty
  *  [PR #109]  - Fix race condition in ts_utils:make_dir/1
  *  [TSUN-307] - Allow all HTTP headers to be overridden by <http_header>
  *  [PR #111]  - Add subst for amqp exchange, routingKey and queue name
  *  [PR #79]   - added support for mqtt user and password
  *  [PR #81]   - Allow setting of dynamic vars for MQTT's username and password
  *  [PR #93]   - Add two config option
New features:
  *  [TSUN-290] - Add a web dashboard embedded in tsung controller
  *  [TSUN-293] - Enable node local dumptraffic log
  *  [TSUN-304] - Add command line option to add additional erlang module load paths
  *  [TSUN-306] - Add connection_timeout option
  *  [PR #106]  - XMPP message latency measurement
1.5.0 -> 1.5.1 Major enhancements and bugfixes (7 Apr 2014)
  * [TSUN-250] - BOSH Crash
  * [TSUN-252] - Too many requests when using max_restart
  * [TSUN-253] - Code blocks in html version of user manual is unreadable
  * [TSUN-256] - Unexpected ack="global" behaviour on BOSH
  * [TSUN-265] - Wrong header line in tsung.dump
  * [TSUN-270] - Substitution not working in <websocket/> path attribute
  * [TSUN-271] - SSL does not work with erlang >= R16
  * [TSUN-272] - Support literal IPv6 addresses when defining servers
  * [TSUN-278] - Tsung 1.5.0 is notable to do https out of the box
                 when it is compiled from tarballs
  * [TSUN-279] - Tsung 1.5.0 is not able to do substitution of hostname
                  or port in a URL. It only can do substitution of path
  * [TSUN-281] - Fix debian build for Tsung 1.5, replaces DocBook with Sphinx
  * [TSUN-285] - In some rare conditions in a distributed setup,
                 Tsung fails to start the load test.
  * [TSUN-287] - request.max statistic lower than request.mean
  * [PR #71]   - oAuth bug fix, PUT method
  * [PR #41]   - Fix websocket path subst
  * [PR #44]   - Add bidi attribute to change_type
  * [PR #49]   - Fix websocket close issue: we should wait a close response
  * [TSUN-255] - Fix unused vars in tq_amqp
  * [TSUN-259] - Tsung in Fedora
  * [TSUN-268] - Use xmerl_sax_parser:file/2 in case of xml parsing error
  * [TSUN-276] - Add text frame support for websocket
  * [TSUN-284] - Do not use boot files to start tsung and
                 tsung_controller applications
  * [PR #51]   - Updated dygraph charting library to the latest release
  * [PR #65]   - AMQP: add multiple channel, add waitForConfirms and
  * [PR #70]   - Add bosh_path config option
  * [PR #74]   - Add text frame support for Websocket, and update doc
New features:
  * [TSUN-260] - Add option to change popularities of sessions for each phase
  * [TSUN-264] - New comparison operators
  * [TSUN-269] - Logging of request tags to dumpfile
  * [TSUN-275] - Add MQTT support
  * [TSUN-280] - Tsung to support pkcs#12 certificates or at least
                 cacerts, clientcerts and keys
  * [PR #42]   - Adding all_except_body' option to ts_http request subst.
                 Adding mysqladmin monitoring options to erlang monitors.
                 Adding mean rate calculation to tsung_stats reports.
                 Adding --title option to set header of report
  * [PR #75]   - Support SSL/TLS client certificate file attributes
                 for jabber starttls
1.4.2 -> 1.5.0 Major enhancements and bugfixes (24 May 2013)
    * [TSUN-208] - in the jabber plugin, substitutions for raw request doesn't work in some cases.
    * [TSUN-209] - If tag doesn't work with Tsung 1.4.2
    * [TSUN-212] - Incorrect ERTS version being set on build.
    * [TSUN-215] - normal ack timeout shouldn't used for global ack
    * [TSUN-217] - If statement breaks on empty string
    * [TSUN-218] - Race condition in tsung-recorder
    * [TSUN-219] - Site fails to load via proxy recorder
    * [TSUN-220] - Large configuration files trigger error
    * [TSUN-229] - compatibility with erlang R15B
    * [TSUN-230] - can't connect with TLS + ejabberd
    * [TSUN-232] - Tsung for bosh protocol doesn't send a empty request to keep the user session alive.
    * [TSUN-234] - Error encoding json string with escape_uri
    * [TSUN-238] - Content-Length parsing broken
    * [TSUN-241] - Invalid link Other in the graph.html
    * [TSUN-245] - Message when dtd is not found not trivial
    * [TSUN-174] - add an option to set resource in XMPP
    * [TSUN-222] - Support unsubscribe operation for Jabber pubsub module
    * [TSUN-228] - allow substitutions on cookies
    * [TSUN-236] - Add probability support for servers
    * [TSUN-242] - add timestamp and request duration in dump=protocol for http
    * [TSUN-246] - http PATCH support
New Features:
    * [TSUN-214] - Ability to pass attributes for node creation for XMPP pubsub protocol.
    * [TSUN-227] - add new dynamic variable to get server hostname and port
    * [TSUN-231] - add option to use weights instead of probabilities for sessions
    * [TSUN-239] - add BOSH support
    * [TSUN-240] - add websocket support
    * [TSUN-244] - Percentile computation
    * [TSUN-248] - add AMQP support
1.4.1 -> 1.4.2 Minor enhancements and bugfixes (4 Jan 2012)
   * [TSUN-199] - computation of NUsers is wrong
   * [TSUN-206] - build failure with erlang R15B
   * [TSUN-202] - IPv6 support
   * [TSUN-203] - snmp oids should be customizable in the config file
   * [TSUN-205] - handle dyn_variables as array in test conditions (if/until/while)
New Features:
   * [TSUN-191] - allow outputting log to stdout
   * [TSUN-192] - structured log output (JSON)
   * [TSUN-193] - accept configuration from stdin
   * [TSUN-197] - Have bug and error message on stderr and not stdout.
1.4.0 -> 1.4.1 Minor bugfixes (13 Sep 2011)
   * [TSUN-188] - munin plugin is not working in 1.4.0
   * [TSUN-189] - the controller VM is not used in some case
   * [TSUN-190] - pgsql recorder can record a connect request in an already connected session
1.3.3 -> 1.4.0 Major enhancements and bugfixes (5 Sep 2011)
   * [TSUN-129] - regexp (defined in match or dynvars) can fail when chunk encoding is used.
   * [TSUN-150] - Munin monitoring broken by cpu stats config request
   * [TSUN-163] - Tsung doesn't detect subdomains.
   * [TSUN-166] - snmp monitoring does not work with erlang R14A
   * [TSUN-171] - maxnumber set in a phase is not always enforced
   * [TSUN-172] - auth sasl can't authenticate against ejabberd
   * [TSUN-178] - some characters can make url and headers rewriting fail in the recorder
   * [TSUN-179] - tsung generated message stanzas are not XMPP compliant
   * [TSUN-180] - file server crash if a dynamic substitution use it
   * [TSUN-182] - When many clients are configured with few static users, none of them are launched.
   * [TSUN-183] - tsung can stop too soon in some cases
   * [TSUN-184] - 'random_number' with start and end actually returns a number from start+1 to end
   * [TSUN-187] - Client IP scan is very slow on Linux; also uses obsolete "ifconfig"
   * [TSUN-54] - tsung is very slow when a lot of dynamic variables are set
   * [TSUN-96] - generating more than 64k connections from a single machine
   * [TSUN-106] - Add content-encoding support for dynvar extraction
   * [TSUN-123] - add option to read usernames from an external file for jabber
   * [TSUN-125] - use the new re module everywhere instead of regexp/gregexp
   * [TSUN-152] - Add "state_rcv" record as parameter to "get_message" function.
   * [TSUN-153] - dynvar used in match may contain regexp special characters
   * [TSUN-185] - handle postgresql extended protocol
New Features:
   * [TSUN-162] - add foreach tag (loop when a dyn_variable is a list)
   * [TSUN-164] - add a switch to allow light queries/replies logging
   * [TSUN-165] - add a way to synchronize users for all plugins.
   * [TSUN-167] - add do=dump option to matching
   * [TSUN-168] - thinktimes value could be dynamically generated with dyn_variable
   * [TSUN-181] - add option to simulate slow connections
1.3.2 -> 1.3.3 Minor bugfixes (17 Aug 2010)
    * [TSUN-154] - parent proxy doesn't work anymore in 1.3.x (tested with 1.3.2 and 1.3.0).
    * [TSUN-155] - url substitution is broken in some cases
    * [TSUN-156] - Tsung not using sessions with low probabilities
    * [TSUN-157] - ssl doesn't work with erlang R14A
    * [TSUN-158] - failure when a proxy is used and an URL substitution is set
    * [TSUN-159] - HTTP cookies support is broken when a proxy is used
    * [TSUN-160] - tsung can sometimes hang at the beginning using distributed setup
    * [TSUN-161] - if statement not allowed in a transaction
1.3.1 -> 1.3.2 Major bugfixes and enhancements (14 Jun 2010)
    * [TSUN-128] - Apostrophes cause string to convert to deep list in setdynvars with Erlang function.
    * [TSUN-130] - static users starting time is wrong
    * [TSUN-131] - tsung can stop too early when static users are used
    * [TSUN-132] - http cookies: accept domains equals to hostname with a leading "."
    * [TSUN-133] - proxy-recorder with SSL fails on large client packets (multiple TCP packets)
    * [TSUN-138] - when an error occured( for ex a timeout during a request) and a client exits, started transactions are not updated
    * [TSUN-140] - tsung does not honor the Proxy-Connection: keep-Alive or Connection: keep-Alive header if the proxy is HTTP/1.0
    * [TSUN-142] - http recorder can fail with https rewriting and chunked encoding
    * [TSUN-147] - UDP & bidi does not seem to work
    * [TSUN-148] - dynvar not found when used in match
    * [TSUN-149] - tsung doesn't work with Amazon Elastic load balancing
    * [TSUN-151] - tsung_stats.pl produces invalid *.gplot files
    * [TSUN-82]  - XMPP vhost support
    * [TSUN-127] - add ability tu use floats for thinktimes
    * [TSUN-139] - option to set random seed for launchers.
    * [TSUN-141] - add dynamic variable support for postgres
    * [TSUN-146] - New tsplot yfactor configuration support breaks most common configurations
New Features:
    * [TSUN-135] - add support for SASL ANONYMOUS and PLAIN authentication for XMPP
    * [TSUN-136] - add new plugin distributed testing of filesystem (nfs for ex), using a generic mode for executing erlang functions on clients nodes
    * [TSUN-137] - add a way to mix requests types inside a single session
    * [TSUN-143] - global time limit for the load test
    * [TSUN-145] - tsung should support json parsing for dynamic variable
1.3.0 -> 1.3.1 Major bugfixes and enhancements (9 Sep 2009)
    * [TSUN-92] - the computation of the minimum for sample_counter is wrong
    * [TSUN-93] - maxnumber not respected if several clients are used
    * [TSUN-102] - dyn_variable configuration fails if variable name is not a valid erlang atom
    * [TSUN-103] - Network error handling in munin plugin
    * [TSUN-104] - tsung-plotter can't handle the os_mon statistics
    * [TSUN-108] - Cannot handle complicated dyn_var name
    * [TSUN-109] - Tsung status displays always phase one even if you have more than one phase
    * [TSUN-110] - Cookie header not present if the URL is dynamically generated by a previous redirection (302)
    * [TSUN-117] - Bug in HTTP: empty header can be generated in some case
    * [TSUN-118] - HTTPS proxy recorder: ts_utils:to_https incorrectly handles Content-Length for POST requests
    * [TSUN-119] - tsung can crash when reading empty values from a csv file
    * [TSUN-122] - same http cookie key with different domains don't work
    * [TSUN-47] - ts_mon can be a bottleneck during very high load testing
    * [TSUN-77] - Structural requests or goto-like action for match in HTTP
    * [TSUN-81] - Dynamic variables API
    * [TSUN-83] - file_server using fixed tuple instead of list
    * [TSUN-85] - external entity should be copied into the log directory of a run.
    * [TSUN-87] - add dynamic code evaluation in set_dynvars
    * [TSUN-88] - add mkactivity method support in webdav
    * [TSUN-91] - reduce memory consumption by hibernating client process while in think state
    * [TSUN-97] - disable smp erlang for client beam for performance reason
    * [TSUN-98] - try several times to connect to the server before aborting a session
    * [TSUN-99] - make substitution work in <match>
    * [TSUN-100] - improve scalability of ts_launcher
    * [TSUN-105] - Add load average statistic to server monitoring
    * [TSUN-111] - add option to manually add a cookie in http requests
    * [TSUN-113] - split tsung command into two separate tsung and tsung-recorder commands
    * [TSUN-116] - add ability to run several tsung running in parallel on the same hosts
    * [TSUN-120] - Https recorder: Remove "Secure" from "Set-Cookie" header.
New Features:
    * [TSUN-25] - add a way to start sessions in a specific order at specified times
    * [TSUN-89] - include tsung-plotter into the tsung distribution
    * [TSUN-90] - add support for monitoring server cpu/mem using munin-node
    * [TSUN-94] - add log action for match
    * [TSUN-95] - add a default dyn_variable with a unique tsung_userid
    * [TSUN-107] - add MUC support to the jabber doc/plugin
    * [TSUN-114] - add option to apply function to data before looking for a match
    * [TSUN-115] - add pubsub support to the jabber plugin

1.2.2 -> 1.3.0 Major bugfixes and enhancements (03 Sep 2008)
    * [TSUN-30] - SNMP monitoring gives an error
    * [TSUN-57] - using -l with a relative path make distributed load fails with timeout error
    * [TSUN-60] - https recorder broken if an HTML document includes absolute urls
    * [TSUN-67] - Typo breaks recording of if-modified-since headers
    * [TSUN-68] - some sites doesn't work with ":443" added in the "Host" header with https
    * [TSUN-71] - Tsung does not work with R12B (httpd_util funs removed)
    * [TSUN-73] - Wrong parsing HTTP multipart/form-data in http request - POST form doesn't work
    * [TSUN-75] - can not define more -pa arguments
    * [TSUN-84] - dyn variables that don't match should be set to an empty string
    * [TSUN-40] - problem to rewrite url for https with gzip-encoded html.
    * [TSUN-48] - tcp/udp buffer size should be customizable in the XML config file.
    * [TSUN-59] - if a User-Agent header is set in <header>, it should override the global one.
    * [TSUN-62] - add abilty to loop back to a previous request in a session
    * [TSUN-63] - check for ssl and crypto application at compile time
    * [TSUN-65] - enhance dynamic variables.
    * [TSUN-66] - add global mean and counter computation and reporting for samples
    * [TSUN-69] - add option to read content of a POST request from an external file
    * [TSUN-79] - setting 'Host' header with http_header doesn't work as expected
New Features:
    * [TSUN-56] - ldap plugin
    * [TSUN-58] - add a new statistics backend to dump all stats in a file
    * [TSUN-61] - add a Webdav plugin
    * [TSUN-64] - add md5 authentication in the pgsql plugin
    * [TSUN-72] - Add support for defining dyn_variables using XPath
    * [TSUN-78] - mysql plugin
    * [TSUN-80] - add random thinktime with in a given range ( [min,max])
    * [TSUN-76] - add explanation for errors name in the documentation

1.2.1 -> 1.2.2 Minor bugfixes and enhancements (23 Feb 2008)
    * [TSUN-30] - SNMP monitoring gives an error
    * [TSUN-31] - dyn_variable usage
    * [TSUN-35] - udp is not working
    * [TSUN-36] - default regexp for dyn_variable doesn't work in all case
    * [TSUN-38] - server monitoring crash if an ethernet interface's name is more than 6 chars long
    * [TSUN-39] - https recording doesn't work with most browsers
    * [TSUN-43] - session should not terminate if rosterjid is not defined
    * [TSUN-49] - <match> doesn't work with jabber plugin
    * [TSUN-51] - tsung does not work with R12B (httpd_util funs removed)
    * [TSUN-53] - postgresql errors not reported in all cases
    * [TSUN-55] - no error counter when userid_max is reached
    * [TSUN-14] - no_ack messages and asynchronous msg sent by the server are not available in the reports
    * [TSUN-27] - handle bidirectional protocols
    * [TSUN-28] - Refactoring needed to ease the change of the userid / password generation code
    * [TSUN-29] - Multiple file_server support
    * [TSUN-32] - make snmp server options tunable
    * [TSUN-34] - add costum http headers
    * [TSUN-44] - tsung should ignore whitespace keepalive from xmpp server
    * [TSUN-45] - add kernel-poll support for better performance
    * [TSUN-46] - add number of open connections in statistics
    * [TSUN-47] - ts_mon can be a bottleneck during very high load testing
    * [TSUN-50] - use the whole range of Id (from 0 to userid_max) before reusing already used Ids
New Features:
    * [TSUN-26] - Ability to loop on a given sequence of phase
    * [TSUN-52] - Adding comment during script capture
    * [TSUN-41] - add support for parent proxy for http only (not https)

1.2.0 -> 1.2.1 Minor bugfixes and enhancements (07 Oct 2006)
    - [TSUN-5]  get traffic from all interfaces instead of only eth0
      in erlang os monitoring (Linux)
    - [TSUN-18 the pgsql recorder fails if the client doesn't try
      first an SSL connection
    - [TSUN-19] a % character in some requests (eg. type=sql for
      pgsql) make the config_server crash.
    - [TSUN-20] pgsql client fails while parsing data from server
    - [TSUN-21] substitution in URL is not working properly when a new server
      or port is set
    - [TSUN-23] set default http version (1.1)
    - [TSUN-24] destination=previous doesn't work (jabber)
    - [TSUN-15] listen port is now customizable with the command line
    - [TSUN-17] add option to setup postgresql server IP and port at runtime
      for the recorder
    - [TSUN-22] add support for PUT, DELETE and HEAD methods for http

1.1.0 -> 1.2.0 Major feature enhancements (29 May 2006)
    - change name: idx-tsunami is now called tsung
    - add new plugin: pgsql for postgresql load testing
    - new: it's now possible to set multiple servers (selected at runtime
      by round robin)
    - add size_rcv stats
    - fix beams communication problem introduced in new erlang releases.
    - import snmp_mgr src from R9C2 to enable SNMP with R10B
    - rebuild boot scripts if erlang version is different from compile time
    - many DTD improvements
    - improved match: add loop|abort|restart on (no)match behavior,
      multiple match tags is now possible (suggested by msmith@truelink.com)
    - freemem and packet stats for Solaris (jasonwtucker@gmail.com)
    - fix several small problems with 'use_controller_vm' option
    - ip is no more mandatory (default is
    - clients and monitoring can use hosts list defined in environment
      variables, for use with batch schedulers (openpbs/torque, LSF and OAR)
    - performance improvements in stats engine for very high load
      (use session_cache)
    - add plugin architecture in recorder; add pgsql plugin
    - fix regression in recorder for WWW-Authentication
    - close client socket when connection:closed is ask by the server
      (this should enable https recording with IE)
    - fix presence:roster request
    - add presence:directed , presence:broadcast & presence:final requests
      for jabber (jasonwtucker@gmail.com)
    - roster enhancements (jasonwtucker@gmail.com)
    - sip-digest authentication (jasonwtucker@gmail.com)
    - fix online: must use presence:initial to switch to online status
    - add pubsub support (mickael.remond@process-one.net)
    - fix single user agent case.
    - minor fixes for HTTP parsing

1.0.3 -> 1.1.0 Major feature enhancements (5 Sep 2005)
    - new feature: HTTP proxy load testing in now possible (set
      http_use_server_as_proxy to true)
    - add dynamic substitution support for jabber
    - add 'raw' type of msg for Jabber (use the new 'data' attribute)
    - add the dynamic variable list to dynamic substitutions
    - UserAgent is now customizable for HTTP testing
    - Add an option to run all components (controller and launcher)
      within a single erlang beam (use_controller_vm). Should ease
      idx-tsunami use for light load tests
    - fix bash script for solaris (jasonwtucker@gmail.com)
    - fix: several 'idx-tsunami status' can be run simultaneously
      (reported by Adam Spotton)
    - internal: Host header is now set during configuration phase
    - fix last phase duration
    - fix recorder: must log absolute url if only the scheme has changed

1.0.2 -> 1.0.3 Minor bugfixes (8 Jul 2005)
    - add ts_file_server module
    - fix broken https recording
    Thx to johann.messner@jku.at for bug reporting :
    - fix: forgot to add "?" when an URL is absolute and had a query
    - fix regression in the recorder (introduced in 1.0.2): must use CAPS
      for method, wrong content-length in recorder causing POST requests
      to silently fail
    - allow multiple 'dyn_variable' in DTD
    - fix Host: header when port is != 80

1.0.1 -> 1.0.2: Minor bugfixes  (6 Jun 2005)
    - fix: the recorder is working now with R10B: replace call to
      httpd_parse:request_header in recorder by an
      internal func (the func was removed in R10B)
    - update configure scripts (should build on RHEL3/x86_64)
    - remote beam startup is now tunable (-r ssh/rsh)
    - internal changes in ts_os_mon (suggested by R. Lenglet)

1.0 -> 1.0.1: Major bugfixes (18 Nov 2004)
    - fix: broken free mem on non linux arch (Matthew Schulkind)
    - add script to convert apache log file (combined) to idx-tsunami XML
    - improved configure: add --with-erlang option and xmerl PATH detection
       idx-tsunami now compiles both with R9C and R10B
    - small fixes to the DTD
    Thx to Jonathan Bresler for testing and bug reporting :
    - fix: broken 'global', 'local' and 'no_ack' requests and size computation
    - fix: broken ids in jabber messages
    - fix: broken online/offline in user_server
    - default thinktime can now be overriden
    - many improvements/fixes in analyse_msg.pl

1.0.beta7 -> 1.0:  Minor bugfixes (13 Aug 2004)
    - fix: broken path when building debian package
    - add rpm target in makefile
    - implement status
    - add 'match' in graph and doc
    - fix add_dynparams for jabber

1.0.beta6 -> 1.0.beta7:  Minor bugfixes (20 Jul 2004)
    - HTTP: really (?) fix parsing of no content-length with connection:close
    - better handling of configure (--prefix is working)
    - add different types of output backend (currently, only 'text'
      works; 'rrdtool' is started but unfinished)
    - fix: ssl_ciphers option is working again

1.0.beta5 -> 1.0.beta6:  Minor feature enhancements (5 May 2004)
    - add a DTD for the configuration file
    - add dynamic request substitution (mickael.remond@erlang-fr)
    - add dynamic variable parsing from response (can be used
      later in the session for request substitution)
    - add response pattern to match (log if not match)
    - HTTP: fix partial header parsing (mickael.remond@erlang-fr.org)
    - HTTP: fix chunk parsing when the chunk-size is split across two packets
    - HTTP: fix parsing of no content-length with connection:close case
    - check for bad input (config file, <client> name)
    - merge client and client_rcv processes into a single process
    - fix: do not connect in init anymore; this fix too long phases when
      connection time is high.
    - connect stat is now for both new connections and reconnections
    - check phase duration in launcher
    - various code cleanup

1.0.beta4 -> 1.0.beta5:  Major Feature enhancements (25 Mar 2004)
    - add SNMP monitoring (not yet customizable)
    - fix remote start: log filename is now encoded to avoid bad
      parsing of log_file by 'erl'
    Patches from mickael.remond@erlang-fr.org :
    - Added ~/.idx-tsunami creation in idx-tsunami script if the directory
      does not already exist
    - Extension of XML attribute entity normalisation
    - HTTP: fix Cookie support: Cookie are not necessarily separated by "; "
    - HTTP: fix long POST request in the recorder: dorecord message
      was missing enclosing curly brackets, and the body length counter
      were mistakenly taking the header size in its total
    - HTTP: Content-type support in the recorder (needed to handle
     non-HTML form encoded posts)
    - add autoconf support to detect Erlang installation path
    - SOAP Support: IDX-Tsunami can now record and replay SOAP HTTP
      scenario. The SOAPAction HTTP header is now recorded
    - Preliminary Windows support: A workaround has been introduced in
      the code to handle behaviour difference between Erlang Un*x and
      Erlang Windows on how the command-line is handled. When an
      assumtion is made on the string type of a parameter, it should be
      check that this is actually a string and not an atom.

1.0.beta3 -> 1.0.beta4:  Minor bugfixes (16 Mar 2004)
    - fix lost cookie when transfer-encoding:chunked is used
    - fix config parsing (the last request of the last page of a
      sesssion was not marked as endpage)
    - don't crash anymore on error during start or stop

1.0.beta2 -> 1.0.beta3:  Minor feature enhancements (24 Feb 2004)
    - fix stupid bug in start script for recorder
    - HTTP: fix '&' writes in the XML recorder for 'content' attribute
    - HTTP: enhanced Cookies parsing ('domain' and 'path' implemented).
    - ssl_ciphers can be customized
    - change log directory structure: all log files in one directory per test
    - add HTML reports  (requires the perl Template toolkit)
    - change stats names:  page_resptime -> page, response_time -> request

1.0.beta1 -> 1.0.beta2:  Minor feature enhancements (11 Feb 2004)
    - reorganise the sources
    - add tools to build a debian package
    - fix documentations
    - add minimalistic man page
    - syntax change: GETIMS +date replace by GET +'if_modified_since'

0.2.1 -> 1.0.beta1:  Major Feature Enhancements (3 Feb 2004)
    - rewrite the configuration engine. Now use an XML file.
    - add recording application: use as a HTTP proxy to record session into XML
    - add support to OS monitoring (cpu, memory, network). Currently, use an
      erlang agent on the remote nodes; SNMP is on the TODO list.
    - can now use several IPs per client host
    - several arrival phases can be set with different arrival rates and
    - can set test duration instead of number of users
    - add user defined statistics using a 'transaction' tag
    - HTTP: fix cookies and POST handling (mickael.remond@erlang-fr.org)
    - HTTP: rewrite the parser (faster and cleaner)
    - fix bad timeout computation when close occur for persistent client
    - bugfixes and other enhancements.
    - fix memory leak with ssl (half-closed connections)

0.2.0 -> 0.2.1:  Minor bugfixes and small enhancements (9 Dec 2003)
    - optimize session memory consumption: use an ets table to store session setup
    - HTTP: fix crash when content-length is not set in headers
    - HTTP: fix POST method
    - HTTP: preliminary chunked-encoding support in HTTP/1.1
    - HTTP: Absolute URL are handled (server and port can be overridden )
    - no more .hosts.erlang required
    - add stats on simultaneous users

0.1.1 -> 0.2.0:  Major Feature Enhancements (Aug 2003)
    - add 'realtime' stats
    - add new 'parse' type of protocol
    - add reconnection support (persistent client)
    - add basic HTTP and HTTPS support
    - split the application in two parts: a single controller (tsunami_controller),
      and the clients (tsunami)
    - switch to R9C

0.1.0 -> 0.1.1:  Bugfix realease (Aug 2002)
      - fix config file
    - fix few typos in docs
    - fix init script
    - few optimizations in user_server.erl
    - switch to R8B

0.1.0: Initial release (May 2001)

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