Tsung 1.6.0 is now available !

This version includes lots of bugfixes and improvements. It’s the first version to include a web dashboard embedded on the controller. You can access it on port 8091. Comments and patches welcomed (i’m not a web designer, so i’m sure the dashboard can be enhanced …)

Thanks to all the contributors.

You can find source code (and soon binaries for Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora) on the community website:

You can report bugs and features requests here:

Note that we have migrated to github issues. Currently opened tickets in JIRA will be migrated to github.



  • [TSUN-225] - SSL Session Caching Issues
  • [TSUN-292] - Indecipherable error with no arrivalphase elements
  • [TSUN-294] - Logging(?) of unmatched dyn vars puts lot of pressure on controller
  • [TSUN-295] - tsung status crashes test run
  • [TSUN-296] - Reported response size in dumpfile seems to be way too low
  • [TSUN-297] - Float values in thinktimes substitution
  • [TSUN-305] - Can’t connect with +TLS to ejabberd/XMPP
  • [TSUN-308] - Handle ssl_closed in ts_client
  • [TSUN-309] - RNG Seeding is too weak and causes collisions
  • [TSUN-312] - Handle cast new beam failed
  • [TSUN-316] - LDAP scenarios fail when compiled with R16A/B due to asn1rt_ber_bin
  • [TSUN-320] - get_os_data(freemem, {unix, linux}) crashes on Linux 3.10.0
  • PR #91 - [MQTT] Last Will and Testament should not be included if will_topic is not set.
  • PR #104 - Fix problem with MQTT SUBACK packages
  • PR #107 - Fix crash when use_controller_vm=“false” and controller id is not empty
  • PR #109 - Fix race condition in ts_utils:make_dir/1


  • [TSUN-307] - Allow all HTTP headers to be overridden by
  • PR #111 - Add subst for amqp exchange, routingKey and queue name
  • PR #79 - added support for mqtt user and password
  • PR #81 - Allow setting of dynamic vars for MQTT’s username and password
  • PR #93 - Add two config option

New features:

  • [TSUN-290] - Add a web dashboard embedded in tsung controller
  • [TSUN-293] - Enable node local dumptraffic log
  • [TSUN-304] - Add command line option to add additional erlang module load paths
  • [TSUN-306] - Add connection_timeout option
  • PR #106 - XMPP message latency measurement


   115  Nicolas Niclausse 
    20  Sebastian Cohnen 
     4  Piotr Nosek 
     4  Sarwar Bhuiyan 
     3  Rodolphe Quiédeville 
     3  Zhihui Jiao 
     3  Michael Bridgen 
     2  Sumit Roy 
     1  Amim Knabben 
     1  Basel Farah 
     1  Chris Wilson 
     1  Ilya Dmitrichenko 
     1  Michael Weibel 
     1  Michele Orrù 
     1  Paul Bellamy 
     1  silverbuddy