Tsung 1.5.1 is now available !

This version includes lots of bugfixes and improvements. It adds also the possibility of varying popularities of sessions in phases, and client certificates; Special thanks to Rodoplhe Quiédeville and Sebastian Cohnen for the new documentation system based on Sphinx, and to Zhihui Jiao for it’s work on WebSocket, AMQP and the new MQTT plugin.

You can find source code (and soon binaries for Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora) on the community website:

You can report bugs and features requests here:


1.5.0 -> 1.5.1 Major enhancements and bugfixes (7 Apr 2014)


  • [TSUN-250] - BOSH Crash
  • [TSUN-252] - Too many requests when using max_restart
  • [TSUN-253] - Code blocks in html version of user manual is unreadable
  • [TSUN-256] - Unexpected ack=“global” behaviour on BOSH
  • [TSUN-265] - Wrong header line in tsung.dump
  • [TSUN-270] - Substitution not working in path attribute
  • [TSUN-271] - SSL does not work with erlang >= R16
  • [TSUN-272] - Support literal IPv6 addresses when defining servers
  • [TSUN-278] - Tsung 1.5.0 is notable to do https out of the box when it is compiled from tarballs
  • [TSUN-279] - Tsung 1.5.0 is not able to do substitution of hostname or port in a URL. It only can do substitution of path
  • [TSUN-281] - Fix debian build for Tsung 1.5, replaces DocBook with Sphinx
  • [TSUN-285] - In some rare conditions in a distributed setup, Tsung fails to start the load test.
  • [TSUN-287] - request.max statistic lower than request.mean
  • [PR #71] - oAuth bug fix, PUT method
  • [PR #41] - Fix websocket path subst
  • [PR #44] - Add bidi attribute to change_type
  • [PR #49] - Fix websocket close issue: we should wait a close response


  • [TSUN-255] - Fix unused vars in tq_amqp
  • [TSUN-259] - Tsung in Fedora
  • [TSUN-268] - Use xmerl_sax_parser:file/2 in case of xml parsing error
  • [TSUN-276] - Add text frame support for websocket
  • [TSUN-284] - Do not use boot files to start tsung and tsung_controller applications
  • [PR #51] - Updated dygraph charting library to the latest release
  • [PR #65] - AMQP: add multiple channel, add waitForConfirms and waitForMessages
  • [PR #70] - Add bosh_path config option
  • [PR #74] - Add text frame support for Websocket, and update doc

New features:

  • [TSUN-260] - Add option to change popularities of sessions for each phase
  • [TSUN-264] - New comparison operators
  • [TSUN-269] - Logging of request tags to dumpfile
  • [TSUN-275] - Add MQTT support
  • [TSUN-280] - Tsung to support pkcs#12 certificates or at least cacerts, clientcerts and keys
  • [PR #42] - Adding all_except_body’ option to ts_http request subst. Adding mysqladmin monitoring options to erlang monitors. Adding mean rate calculation to tsung_stats reports. Adding –title option to set header of report
  • [PR #75] - Support SSL/TLS client certificate file attributes for jabber starttls


   103  Nicolas Niclausse 
    48  Rodolphe Quiédeville 
    29  onlychoice 
    18  Sebastian Cohnen 
     6  Don Kjer 
     3  Tanakiat Srisaranyakul 
     3  Teerapap Changwichukarn 
     2  Alexej Tessaro 
     2  Christopher Meng 
     2  James Van Vleet 
     2  diarpi 
     1  Ashish Ranjan 
     1  Eric Cestari 
     1  Loic Dachary 
     1  Tair Sabirgaliev