Tsung provides community and commercial support options for users. Community includes mailing list, and also IRC (#tsung channel on freenode). And don't forget to read the FAQs and documentation.

Commercial support is also available from several companies providing professional services to the Tsung community :

Name ProcessOne (
Description ProcessOne delivers scalable and robust systems to support creative instant messaging applications. ProcessOne is a leading developer of Tsung-based modules.
Languages English, French
Contact information
Provides Tsung-based scalability audit, Consulting, Support, Advanced Configuration and scenarii implementation.
Description ISVTEC provides Tsung-based scalability audit and Tsung-related services since 2009. Web-platform oriented, we help our customers set up and run Tsung in their infrastructure.
Languages English, French
Employees 8
Contact information, Phone: +33 (0)1 84 16 16 17
Name 2nd Quadrant (
Provides Tsung services for PostgreSQL scalability benchmarking, hardware profiling, performances audit, config checking, migration validation.
Description 2ndQuadrant provides PostgreSQL services, by the developers of PostgreSQL
Languages English, French, Spanish, Italian, German
Employees 20+ Worldwide
Contact information, Phone: +33 9 72 17 01 31
Name Rodolphe QuiƩdeville (
Provides I offer professional consulting services including support and training on Tsung and associated tools. Load testing sessions can be made by deploying a Tsung cluster on your private infrastructure or ont the internet using my own public cluster. I can also provide consulting on improvements on well knwon free software web tools (Apache, nginx, postgtresql, ...)
Languages French, English
Employees 1 (free-lance)
Contact information
Name Sebastian Cohnen (
Provides (large-scale) http load testing using tsung, creating extensions/plugins for tsung, consulting and services regarding scalable architectures, performance and cloud-infrastructure
Languages German, English
Contact information, tisba in #tsung on freenode
If your company would like to be listed here, please send a mail with the relevant information.