Tsung 1.7.0 is now available !

This version includes many fixes and small enhancements to Tsung. It should work with newer recent of Erlang (R20); please note that the minimum version of Erlang needed by Tsung is now R16B.

Thanks to all the contributors !

You can find source code (and soon binaries for Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora) on the community website:

You can report bugs and features requests here:



  • [#117] Closing TCP connection in think state considered an error?
  • [#121] Unable to send a line feed in websocket request
  • [#126] Timeouts for get_next_session not reported correctly
  • [#136] MAX_PROC not actually changeable
  • [#161] Websocket match randomly fail
  • [#162] not working along with ?
  • [#204] Timeout won’t apply unless something happen to socket
  • [#218] Certificates are not getting set/sent correctly
  • [PR #148] clear accumulated data when websocket closed
  • [PR #183] fix formula for load average
  • [PR #202] fixing oauth 1.0 authorization header creation, signature with body, alphanumerical nonce
  • [PR #228] Where IQ PING was enabled from XMPP server. Tsung cannot reply


  • [#136] Speedup Tsung starting when using hundreds of clients
  • [#145] Update or remove eldap in favor of OTP’s eldap
  • [#150] Distributed Erlang Port Range Hard-Coded
  • [#159] Use new time API when building Tsung with otp R18
  • [PR #124] Rename configure.in to configure.ac
  • [PR #125] Work around compiler warning and provide backward compatibility
  • [PR #198] Record extra headers in the HTTP proxy recorder
  • minimum erlang version is R16B


  • [#132] WSS connections
  • [#182] add option to set websocket subprotocols
  • [#189] Add direct-ip support for tsung nodes interconnection
  • [#201] add option to start a phase after all generated users in the previous phase have finished their session
  • [#225] stop entire test execution in do
  • [#242] tsung to support Linux client to using a range of secondary IP addresses
  • [PR #151] Add option to specify SSL protocol
  • [PR #153] Add latency measurement to XMPP MUC and PubSub
  • [PR #233] BOSH support for chunked transfer encoding.
  • [PR #235] Provide regex to use with varnish log
  • [PR #240] Added Jabber support for SASL EXTERNAL
  • add option to start tsung with only the web view (to view old runs stats)


   121  Nicolas Niclausse 
     6  Brian Cully 
     4  abregar 
     3  Eric Cestari 
     3  Gary Barrueto 
     3  weibomobile 
     2  Christopher Meng 
     2  Martin Heuschober 
     2  Sebastian Cohnen 
     2  Thibaut Démaret 
     2  Tibor Csögör 
     2  getong 
     1  Artiom Lunev 
     1  François J 
     1  anonymous
     1  Joel Rebello 
     1  Jongseok Choi 
     1  MATSUU Takuto 
     1  Sylvain 
     1  Victor Hong 
     1  Will Bryant 
     1  gulige 
     1  pyprasad